A Brief History

  Founded in the 1960’s Matte Bros. is a group of companies and businesses that has spanned many industries. Historically Matte Bros. was one of largest rural residential land developers in the Prince George area as well as one of the largest spec home builders. The group also developed city residential lands and houses, commercial lands and buildings, light industrial lands, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and various retails businesses.

 Some of the notable works of the Matte Bros. Group include the Hart Shopping Centre, Hart Industrial Lands, Carmel Dr./Beverly Subdivision, Hobby Ranches Subdivision, Carmel Inn, BonVoyage Inn, Ave Maria Health Foods, and many gas stations.

 Currently Matte Bros. focus is in the hospitality sector with multiple hotels and adjoining commercial properties and in the health food retail industry. In addition to these primary divisions Matte Bros. is still doing some commercial and light industrial land development and sales.